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Thanks to the Avila employees who served on the San Francisco Education Fund Maisin Scholarship Application Review panel, and to those who went above and beyond to serve on the Maisin Scholarship Interviewing Panel for successful applicants. Avila and Associates is very proud to be a sponsor of one of these Maisin scholarships. For anyone not familiar with this program, the SF Education Fund helps to support SF underserved youth with an opportunity for success by providing scholarships for graduating High School Seniors or undergraduate college students, so that financial obstacles do not stand between them and their pursuit of higher education.

The program follows their academic career and provides funds for each year they stay in school. It also provides them with opportunities, encouragement and direction.

Avila & Associates

Avila and Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides civil engineering, environmental services, and water resources engineering services to public agencies at the federal, state and local level.