The Northern California Salinity Coalition consisted of ten regional water agencies that focused on Northern California’s salinity issues. The coalition was more powerful at competing and winning funds for salinity projects than any one agency would have been alone.

Projects and issues included seawater intrusion in the Delta, expansion of wastewater discharges, ground water quality issues, desalination, and watershed protection.

Member agencies included Alameda County Water District, Zone 7 of the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Contra Costa Water District (CCWD), East Bay Municipal Utility District, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Solano County Water Agency, Sonoma County Water Agency, the Delta Diablo Sanitation District and Marin Municipal Water District.

Avila and Associates was brought on board to assist and facilitate implementation of the Coalition’s strategic objectives, all of which were achieved.

Objectives included:

  1. Collaborate and coordinate agency research activities
  2. Identify outside funding
  3. Coordinate outreach efforts
  4. Increase membership
  5. Educate/provide outreach to public and to staff of other organizations and agencies and
  6. Respond collaboratively to relevant regulatory issues.