Avila and Associates provided Executive Directorship services to the California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) for the Delta Drinking Water Policy development and technical studies effort. Ernie Avila coordinated with the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Delta stakeholders to complete technical studies required for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board in order to implement a Basin Plan Amendment by 2015, as mandated by the Cal-FED Record of Decision. He also led the CUWA workgroups participation in the review and comment on the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Programmatic EIR and the development of the DWR’s┬áMethodologies for Calculating Baseline and Compliance Urban Per Capita Water Use. In addition, he led CUWA’s response to the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB’s) Monitoring Strategies for Chemcial of Emerging Concerns in Recycled Water: Recommendations of a Science Advisory Panel.