The Alameda Watershed Habitat Conservation Plan (AWHCP) is an exciting project for us.

The AWHCP will provide a suite of conservation activities as mitigation for potential impacts to covered activities over the 30-year term of the permit. The program integrates state-of-the-art conservation science and environmental planning and includes adaptive management as an integral plan component.

Our biologists are happy to contribute their expertise to this long-term conservation management plan for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s lands in the Sunol Valley. Our lead biologist on the project has been very involved in the writing and response to comments on the AWHCP and has spent extensive hours researching and developing content for the conservation strategy and the analysis of potential impacts. Ernie Avila provides a number of valuable services, including the development of a comprehensive cost model to estimate the lifecycle cost of AWHCP implementation.  Our staff is also working on internal training programs for this and other environmental compliance programs within the SFPUC.

We are proud of all that we have and will continue to contribute to the AWHCP.