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This summer Cathy and Holly attended the Geomorphic and Ecological Fundamentals of River and Stream Restoration class in Truckee. While living at Sagehen Field Station, they attended classes on topics ranging from sediment transport to riparian ecology. Two days of the course were spent applying this knowledge while visiting and critiquing restoration projects in the Lake Tahoe and Reno areas.

The environmental team captured this photo of a cute squirrel on their motion‐activated camera out on the Sunol watershed. They were hoping to check in on a sick bobcat that they see on site often. They think it may be sick from eating rat poison. Just a reminder to try to use non‐poison solutions when trapping rats and other pests. The team has also seen dead hawks and coyotes that they think have fallen due to eating rat poison from nearby neighbors. The wildlife (and cats and dogs) thank you.

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